Food Analysis and Contamination Testing by Clean Food Experts

CWC Labs is an ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited, fiercely independent analytical laboratory that specializes in extremely sensitive quantitation testing of glyphosate, agricultural chemicals, nutritive minerals and toxic elements (heavy metals) in foods, supplements, water and beverages.

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What Makes Us Different

CWC Labs specializes in extremely sensitive detection methods that can often find contaminants which are (deliberately) missed by other labs.

Find out the Truth

Find out the truth about the analytical testing "wink-and-nod" industry that earns money from corporate clients by hiding contaminants.

Who Uses CWC Labs and Why

Because CWC Labs specializes in extreme sensitivity and detection of contaminants, we are used by...

Our Unique Sample Prep Methods

Learn about our unique sample prep methods that are designed to detect contaminants rather than hide them.

ISO-Accredited Methods

Learn about our accreditation, published papers and ISO-accredited methods.

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Please contact CWC Labs with any questions you have or to request more information about our services.

Accredited Lab


Our international accreditation is beyond the scope of most U.S. university labs. Our laboratory results can be cited as evidence by any court of law, anywhere in the developed world.

ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited by PJLA w Accreditation Number: 83279 Certificate Number: L22-816. Click to view certificate (PDF)

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